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Sean Taylor The Emo Model And Producer

The pictures above are from Sean Taylor’s AKA Ryan James first ever porn shoot, and with that the first time I ever met him. Amazing to think less than 2 years on he is...

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Jaymie Brooks Jerks Off At HomoEmo

A shoot from the archives! It’s been nearly 2 years since we filmed this but it’s good to look at the old ones and see how far HomoEmo has come. Having said that, even...

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What a hotty!

Had to post this, how adorable is he? YUM! Wan’t emo porn for just $1? Click here

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Adorable Emo Boy

Doesn’t your heart just melt sometimes when you see these drop dead hot emo boys? Get a $1 Trail at Exposed Emos Here if you wan’t to see more cute emo boys.

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A Big Dicked Emo Boy

Another treat? Why not!!! Check this hot emo boy out! Big dick and cute as hell. A nice treat for a Tuesday night huh? Before the parties on Wednesday (Rock Night Where I Live)...

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Cute Emo Boy With Thin Penis

A little treat for you all. A cute emo guy taking a photo of himself with an interestingly long and thin penis! And guess what, hes on !! Take a look 🙂

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HomoEmo – Emo Twink Alex Kane

Alex is a very down to earth, attractive, intelligent emo boy. That aside he really is a total slut and loves sex way more than most people. Alex is by no means new to...

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Homo Emo – Danny Star Fucks Alex Kane

Alex and Danny are both amazing looking emo twinks and what could better than seeing them together in a hot and steamy sex scene? They both seemed a bit nervous during this shoot, but...

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Kevin Nash Does His First Shoot

Kevin was a model we have been after for quite a while and at last we got him into the studio for his HomoEmo debut shoot. Kevin is certainly one of the most confident...


Homo Emo – Jaymie Brooks

I love it when we get the Innocent looking boys turn up at the studio. Jaymie was pretty new to porn but I hope he stays a while because he really is to hot....


Homo Emo – Kevin Nash Fucks Jaymie Brooks

From the start of the shoot Kevin and Jaymie both seemed into each other in a serious way. Jaymie seemed slightly nervous as he is quite new to the porn world but Kevin’s experience...

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A Very Hot Nude Teen Boy

A treat for today! This is one hot young man. The things I would do! Click Here For More Hot Teen Boys

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One Hot Teen Boy Cock

Damn, look at the cock on this hottie! Who want to bend over in front of this one? ME ME ME!


A Nude Teen Boy Cock

Woah, what a hot young man! A tummy to die for 🙂 He looks like a lot of the boys at RockerBoyfriends


Hot Smooth Teen Boy Wanking

No idea if this is a photo from a porn site, or a personal one! If it is from a site please comment on this post and let me know so I can find...