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New HomoScene Model Roxy Red

New round of HomoEmo & HomoScene Shoots

So it’s been a while since we have done any HomoEmo shoots. We built up a good backlog before moving from Birmingham up to Liverpool, to remove the stress of models and shoots while relocating personally, and business wise.

We have a lot of new models lined up so things are going to be very exciting. A note to all the hardcore HomoEmo fans, don’t worry, the old faces are coming back to! More of Andrew Dexter, Josh Osbourne, and our tattooed hotty Tantrum Desire, who may be fairly new compared to the likes of Andrew Dexter who has been with us over a year now, but sure made a good impression with us, and a lot of HomoEmo fans!

To make things even more exciting new content has arrived from our American Studio partner for HomoScene, and boy oh boy do we have some cute new faces on the way! HomoScene will soon be greeted by the oh so sexy Roxy Red, who you may know from studios such as Helix/8Teenboy. He’s done a hot solo scene with a dildo and lengthy interview, plus a sex scene to! I would tell you the name of the model he did the scene with but right now it’s still with my video guy Ryan James, so I am yet to find out! I will let you know as soon a possible! Keep your eyes peeled guys!
Just as a treat to get everyone all excited, here is a sneak peak photo from Roxy Red’s first shoot which goes live this Friday! Only you readers of my blog have seen this! Nobody else outside the office has seen this! :)

New HomoScene Model Roxy Red

A cute shot of cute Homo Emo Model Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash’s First Ever HomoEmo Shoot

The first video porn star Kevin Nash did for

The first time we ever had the pleasure of Kevin Nash naked in the HomoEmo studio. A blast from the past in some ways as this shoot is from early 2009, but good to see Kevin in his younger days! Some free photos for you to enjoy today.

Kevin Nash Naked

A cute shot of cute Homo Emo Model Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash is certainly one of the most confident models we have had do a shoot for HomoEmo in history, and although this was his first video for us it certainly didn’t effect his huge confidence and sexual presence in the studio! Kevin seems to know exactly what he likes and definitely shows us that on camera each and every time he does a video for us. From slowly fingering his tight emo boy ass to him going full force on his 8” dick Kevin doesn’t just fuck fast and hard, he wanks just the same! We were shocked in this scene by the huge amount of cum he spattered all over himself! Enjoy :)


The very cute gay emo boy Josh Osbourne, HomoEmo Exclusive!

Emo Boy Josh Osbourne Exclusive To HomoEmo

The very cute gay emo boy Josh Osbourne, HomoEmo Exclusive!

Josh Osbourne has been one of our top models for a long time at HomoEmo, and although he hasn’t done any shoots in the last couple of months, he is coming back soon to do a load more! Being a model for almost a year now Josh has a good number of videos under his belt and most of our top models have now had the pleasure of fucking his cute ass. Our members love him, we love him, Everyone does! He certainly is a very attractive young man, and in my opinion he is what makes real emo boys so damn attractive! His hair is perfect, he has a hot juicy uncut dick and that cute emo boy moan when hes getting fucked in his tight little ass.
When Josh comes back to HomoEmo we will all get to see the new tattoos he now has! No spoilers though, not going to tell you what they are, or where :) Will post some video clips of Josh in the next couple of weeks, but if you cant wait check them out at by clicking here to go to the tour!

Exclusive Model Sean Taylor

HomoEmo Model Sean Taylor

Exclusive Model Sean Taylor

So posting about Sean Taylor is kind of weird, but it has to be done. Weird why you ask? Well he is sitting next to me right now on his work computer. Yes, Sean does a lot of the model recruiting and film work here at HomoEmo, but with that is currently the longest standing model for and one of the most popular. Sean has been in the top 5 rated models in the HomoEmo members area for over a year now and I would say WOW how did that happen, but in all honesty its not to hard to see why? Sean is now 20 years old, and is a total sex god. It’s a pleasure to have him in the office on a daily bases! He has done a lot of scenes for HomoEmo and in fact stared in a landmark shoot we recently filmed in the United States with Sean getting fucked by one of our huge dicked models from Preston Andrews! You are sure to see a lot more posts of Sean Taylor in the near future, so don’t worry. You can see some free videos of Sean by visiting’s Free Tour here. You can also see a preview of the video he started in with Preston Andrews there to!


Cute Emo Boy #3

Hot emo guy with bridge piercing

Found this cutie today. Check out that bridge piercing, really suits him huh? Another cute emo for ya!

homo emo model tantrum desire

New Model Tantrum Desire @ HomoEmo

homo emo model tantrum desire

HomoEmo Model Tantrum Desire

One of our newest models at HomoEmo, let me introduce Tantrum Desire. I did mention him in my previous blog entry about tattoos so here he is! He is 20 years old and is from the south of England. I will tell you now when you see some of the new shoots he has done he has changed a lot. He has acquired a lot more tattoos and piercings for that matter, which all look amazing. He has a huge interest in tattoos and actually designs all his own. He is planning to eventually go into tattoo design. Keep an eye on this hot little emo, there is a lot more to come!

Click Here To See More Tantrum


Emo Tattoo’s Look So Damn Hot

emo boy tattoo

hot tattood emo boy

On a weekly bases I see all sorts of tattoos on our models at HomoEmo and I really can’t wait to get my first when I actually make a real decision on what I really want. There always seems to be a lot of stars which is something I don’t personally desire but they look good. On the subject of “desire” I should make a post on our models Tantrum Desire at HomoEmo. He is COVERED in Tats and each one is fucking awesome! I will try to get it posted later :)


Scene Boys Fuck At Homo Scene

So today I bring you a small snippet (some photos) from one of our new videos at Homo Scene. In this video you can see the huge dicked Preston Andrews and the highly attractive Miles Pride *with his awesome sexy tattoo up his torso* doing the dirty, and man this is so fucking hot to watch! Preston uses his huge tool by fucking Miles in 4 different positions, before ramming it in Miles’s mouth for an explosive finish! We actually had the pleasure of meeting Preston when we were in Phoenix, AZ earlier this month. Hes a great guy, and did a scene with one of our English models while we were there! Anyway, enjoy these for now, il bring you a video clip soon to :) Oh, if you want to see more of you can here!





We Launched A New Site

So after a full year of success with HomoEmo, the worlds first gay emo porn site and my proudest creation, my team and I decided it was time to launch a new project to compliment our work at HomoEmo, and give our fans a new place to find their wanking fix! So recently we launch our new site featuring scene and emo boys from the United States of America! So now I own a site with English emo boys, and a site with America emo boys! We are very proud of our new project, and only recently returned from Phoenix, AZ, where we filmed and visited our studio partners there who produce this new website with us! Phoenix is amazing, I miss it already! Anyway, take a look around the site, see if you like it :) Any comments and feedback are most welcome. If you can’t be bothered to type out the URL just click here to visit!


Cute Emo Boy #2

There is something really really hot about the emo guy in this photo. Kudos to the photographer because he is certainly talented at catching a hot emo boy in a seriously hot erotic way. Enjoy :)

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