HomoEmo Model Aiden Riley

Homo Emo Model Aiden Riley

Homo Emo Model Aiden Riley

Late last year we had a stunning surprise when one morning we had a model application come in from a dutch boy! He was stunning, but in another country! We had never flown a model in before to do a HomoEmo shoot. After much debate we decided to get him over to do a shoot! A few weeks after myself and the crew were standing at the arrivals hall at Liverpool Airport waiting for our first foreign model to arrive! Aiden arrived safely and was a well spoken and well educated dutch boy who was just great fun!

In the few days he stayed with us were all had great fun! His dream for a long time was to be a star on HomoEmo, and that he is! He has gone down like a storm with our members and he WILL be back soon to do more HomoEmo shoots. Who could not want more videos of this hottie? He really is perfect head to toe, with an amazing cock. It’s perfect! Smooth, a good size, uncut and so tasty looking! Aiden currently has 3 videos on HomoEmo and soon many more.

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