HomoEmo Model Alex Phoenix

Homo Emo Model Alex Phoenix

Homo Emo Model Alex Phoenix

Alex, a born and bread scouser (for people outside of the UK that means he is from the English city of Liverpool) was a guy we recruiting while out clubbing one night at The Krazy House, which is in fact my favorite venue in the whole WORLD. A club of rock / metal / alternative everything. 3 floors of madness full of thousands of like minded alternative people from emo to goth, punk, metal heads, you name it. As soon as he met the crew he was amazing to meet us being a big HomoEmo fan. That week, he turned up at the studio and did his first HomoEmo scene, which is in fact the scene the photos above are from. He might not be the thinnest model we have ever had, but it would be insane to say he isn’t totally sexy with his tattoos andĀ piercings, amazing emo hair and lovely uncut dick. He is sure to be back on HomoEmo one day soon and I don’t think I am alone in saying I really look forward to that day!

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