Cute Teen Boys In Political Activism

cute teen boy activist

I must be missing a trick here. I was amused yesterday when two British Students heckled the prime minister David Cameron on his EU reform speech in front of some of the countries top business people. My amusement quickly turned to intrigue when later in the day I saw an interview with one of the 19 year old students responsible for this peaceful protest. Good lord, what a totally stunning, cute teen boy this “activist” turned out to be. Does anyone know if these movements normally attract such stunning young guys to their ranks? If so, I might just get involved myself to meet some of these cute teen boys.

A gay porn studio somewhere should find out who this guy is and offer him some work. Could be a whole new niche. cute teen boys / political activists in gay sex videos. I would certainly pay for it. What about you? Thank to sky news for the photo!

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