Cute Emo Boy #2

There is something really really hot about the emo guy in this photo. Kudos to the photographer because he is certainly talented at catching a hot emo boy in a seriously hot erotic way. Enjoy :)


Cute Emo Boy #1

So In my line of work I am constantly finding and enjoying pictures of the hottest boys I have ever seen in my life, often being emo and alternative. These can be from all sorts of places such as other blogs that advertise my sites, down to just general browsing. I think it’s time I share some of these boys with you, so here is the first! I have no idea who he is, but man hes CUTE! Reminds me of a lot of our emo models at HomoEmo.com!


HomoEmo Model Dakota Shine

Dakota has been a long standing model for us at HomoEmo and over the last year become a close friend of the team, and myself. Dakota’s first ever gay porn shoot was for us at HomoEmo.com and although he has ventured off and done a few shoots for a select few other companies in the United Kingdom, he has always found his way back to our studio, thank god! Dakota has always performed so well in shoots and he’s, in a fashion, set a standard for other models to live up to. When this boy gets hard, he just stays hard for as long as we need him to which means shooting Dakota is a pleasure for everyone involved, and for more reasons that just that, haha! As one of highest rated models on HomoEmo since the launch of the site in March 2009, Dakota has started to gather his own little fan base, which is great to see! It’s not really hard to see why he is so popular but hey I am certain the pictures above leave little to the imagination! I will be making a lot more posts about this little hottie, and you can also look forward to a full blown interview from Dakota himself, which has never been seen online before! So an exclusive for my readers here! So for now if you want to see more of Dakota Shine click here to visit HomoEmo where he has done 7 sex videos for my website!

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Kevin Nash Fucks Jaymie Brooks @ HomoEmo

From the moment we started the cameras Kevin and Jaymie both seemed attracted to each other in a major way and this certainly made this video a damn hot scene to produce! – Jaymie seemed slightly nervous but Kevin with his beaming confidence didn’t give a shit and was fully ready to fuck this cute emo boys ass relentlessly. They started off slow kissing on the stairs outside our studio but Kevin got bored of that pretty quick and wanted to get fucking. Jaymie cetainly got fucked harder than he had ever been fucked before in his wee 18 years of existence. You can see in this video that they are both enjoying every minute of the ass pounding fun that took place. Kevin is a power top with no problem using his 8 inch cock on any cute emo boy who dares go near it! Click here to visit HomoEmo and watch the full video, or more free clips!

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emo gay boy jack styles

HomoEmo Exclusive Model Jack Styles

emo gay boy jack styles

So where on earth do I start with Jack Styles. He not only been a good friend to us at HomoEmo, but one hell of a model. This boy is 18 years old and one of the hottest emo boys I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He’s been a huge hit with our members at HomoEmo for a long time now and it really isn’t hard to see why! He’s totally exclusive to HomoEmo.com and you will not see videos of this hotty on any other website! We couldn’t let any other companies get their hands on him!

Jack started as a mainstream model doing shoots for clothing magazines and such, but quickly become bored of such mundane and low paid work. I guess that’s where we came in to offer him something a bit more interesting. Standing at 5’8″ in height, waiting 9 stone, and having a hot uncut 7 inch dick Jack is one perfect little chap! If you want to see more of him, why not pop along to HomoEmo.com and watch see some videos of him? Just click here.
There will be lots more of this boy on my blog in the near future, so keep your eyes pealed!

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HomoEmo Volume 1: Dirty Little Emo

HomoEmo Volume 1: Dirty Little Emo – DVD Release

HomoEmo Volume 1: Dirty Little Emo

It’s been a long time coming, and after many requests and much anticipation we are happy to announce the release of HomoEmo’s first DVD, HomoEmo Volume 1: Dirty Little Emo! Although this title has yet to hit the shelves in your local sex shop, it is available online right now through our chosen retailer PornTeam.com. You can buy your copy right now by clicking here.

The DVD features all of HomoEmo’s favorite emo boys, the full cast being: Kevin Nash, Jaymie Brooks, Sandy Jenkins, Jason Andrews, Sean Taylor, Jack Styles, Andrew Dexter, Josh Osbourne and Drake Blaize. Directed by my favorite staff member Ryan James, you get a full 140 minutes of hardcore gay emo sex in stunning 16:9 resolution videos.

A big thanks from myself to all of you who have already ordered your copies and made our first DVD release a great success. Keep your eyes pealed for HomoEmo Volume 2, which is only a few weeks away!

me and friends

My First Ever Post

So it’s been on my mind for a while now, but never actually happened. The time has come for me to start a blog! My real name will stay to myself but my alias is Maxx Ebb and if you know me, you will understand why I have chosen this alias.

I am 23 years of age, live in Liverpool City Center, United Kingdom, and have been successfully working in the Gay Adult Entertainment industry since I was 18. I have never modelled and everything I do is behind the scenes, but my knowledge has allowed me to own my own company succeeding for years now at everything Gay Porn! Out of the many ventures we have been involved in over the years our most recent and successful is Emo Porn. Those long haired, pierced boys in girl jeans are what we currently specialise at. I own 2 websites, HomoEmo.com and HomoScene.com in this niche, with more in the works. So before I babble on for paragraph after paragraph, enjoy my blog. You can contact me anytime as I love hearing from fans of my work.

So thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

So as a farewell for now, here is a photograph of myself and some friends.

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