How to value your years?

It’s a question that would stump most common sheeple. The idea that living as long as you can, consuming as much as you can isn’t the way to view life. Waiting till you are so old you can’t use a toilet without some paid underling there to wipe you clean. Sitting all day dribbling over yourself in some state home being taken care of by underpaid state employees who would rather see you die than do anything to take care of you. How do you value your years? As many as possible, or as great as possible?

Have you ever asked yourself how long you want to live? I have asked myself this exact question today. Do you want to live forever? Or do you want to live your life as if every day was your last, but with the understanding that your chosen lifestyle may shorten your years.

I know my lifestyle won’t bring me longevity. While I may have quick smoking, I still drink like a whale (way more than a fish).

A guy I know, who I won’t identify, has just taken the ultimate risk. In his 50’s, he has sold everything. He maxed out all his credit cards, of which there are many, and decided to flee the USA. The credit cards alone are $300,000+. He has been planning this for a few years.

Putting his belonging in a container, bound for Asia, he has a new life awaiting him. In the process he can never return to the life he knows. It’s the ultimate risk.

While Asia can be a paradise, the question remains if pulling a scam like this could ultimately give you a later life you want, or end up in dire circumstance. Would the money last long enough? Would a new business be possible? Would medical costs as you age be manageable?

It may be something many people thing about. Heck, If I was older, with my mistrust and hatred for mainstream banking institutions I would question it. Ultimately when that time comes for me, I don’t think these banks will exist anymore. Long live cyrpto!

I wonder how many people in the coming years will choose any existence they can find, however questionable, to escape the west.

Do you want to rot in the west? The life the state wan’t you to have? Or would you take risks and have an adventure, whatever may come?

Any thoughts? Would you consider it?

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