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Adorable Emo Boy

Doesn’t your heart just melt sometimes when you see these drop dead hot emo boys? Get a $1 Trail at Exposed Emos Here if you wan’t to see more cute emo boys.


A Nude Teen Boy Cock

Woah, what a hot young man! A tummy to die for 🙂 He looks like a lot of the boys at RockerBoyfriends

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Tantrum Desire Is Back At HomoEmo

Tantrum Desire is back at HomoEMO! Ok we know he hasn’t been away for long, but he has new tattoos! Spot them if you can! The most exciting part of this though, is who...


Emo Boy Josh Osbourne Exclusive To HomoEmo

Josh Osbourne has been one of our top models for a long time at HomoEmo, and although he hasn’t done any shoots in the last couple of months, he is coming back soon to...


HomoEmo Model Sean Taylor

So posting about Sean Taylor is kind of weird, but it has to be done. Weird why you ask? Well he is sitting next to me right now on his work computer. Yes, Sean...


Cute Emo Boy #3

Found this cutie today. Check out that bridge piercing, really suits him huh? Another cute emo for ya!

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New Model Tantrum Desire @ HomoEmo

One of our newest models at HomoEmo, let me introduce Tantrum Desire. I did mention him in my previous blog entry about tattoos so here he is! He is 20 years old and is...


Why are emo boys so cute?

So I often ask myself why the fuck are emo guys so damn cute? Are they not just normal guys with longer hair, different dress codes, piercings, tattoos? I guess I personally still can’t...


Cute Emo Boy #1

So In my line of work I am constantly finding and enjoying pictures of the hottest boys I have ever seen in my life, often being emo and alternative. These can be from all...