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Homo Emo model Roxas Hail 0

Homo Emo : Roxas Hail

Roxas Hail came to HomoEmo in 2010. He was the new boyfriend of long standing, member favorite model Dakota Shine. Roxas is a truly beautiful emo boy and he shocked us all when he turned up...

Dylan Scouville Homo Scene 0

Homo Scene : Dylan Scouville

Dylan Scouville is another hot American emo boy who we luckily managed to get onto Homo Scene after his first ever gay porn shoot at Boy Crush. He has one of the sweetest faces...

Homo Emo Model Alexander Daniels 0

Homo Emo : Alexander Daniels

The lovely Alexander! A recently addition to HomoEmo and eager to do more shoots for HomoEmo, which we are thrilled to hear! A lovely personality, and a truly lovely individual. Rarely will I engage...

Homo Emo Model Aiden Riley 0

HomoEmo Model Aiden Riley

Late last year we had a stunning surprise when one morning we had a model application come in from a dutch boy! He was stunning, but in another country! We had never flown a model in...

Elliot Hawke At HomoEmo 0

HomoEmo : Elliot Hawke

It’s been a long time since we filmed cute little Elliot Hawke. It was interesting having him as a model as I had been personal friends with him for many years before he came...

Homo Emo Model Jonny Jazz 0

HomoEmo : Jonny Jazz

Jonny Jazz was another fly by model at HomoEmo. We only saw him the one time when he came to our studio to do a solo jack off scene. He was a hot boy...

boy wanking over porn 1

Boy Jerking Over Porn

Emo boys love jerking off over porn to it seems, and what a cutie! Want to see more? Get your ass over to RockerBoyfriends for more hot amateur emo boys making hot porn at...

big dick emo twink 0

Big dick emo twink

Am I the only one thinking how awesome it would be to sit on that thick hot emo boy dick? You can see more of him at RockerBoyfriends.

big dick emo twink 2

Naked Emo Boy In The Bathroom

Another hot emo boy being very naughty in his bathroom! You know where you can see more of this emo boy and his fat dick right? Just go to RockerBoyfriends

Bedroom Boy Wanker 0

Hot Gay Boy Jerking Off

A real stunner here with a great juicy looking cock. You can see more of him including a steamy hot video at Rocker Boyfriends

Uncut Emo Boy Lukas James 0

Emo Twink Lukas James

Why we are on the topic of fly-by models meet Lukas James. He only came and did a solo for us, although we have talked to him since about returning to Homo Emo to...

Kai Reynolds Does HomoEmo 0

Kai Reynolds Does HomoEmo

Well can’t say much about Kai. He came, did a solo and went and we never heard from him again. Can’t be all that bad though, at least we got this hottie on our...

emo boy jaymie brooks 0

Jaymie Brooks Jerks Off At HomoEmo

A shoot from the archives! It’s been nearly 2 years since we filmed this but it’s good to look at the old ones and see how far HomoEmo has come. Having said that, even...

cute-emo-boy 0

Adorable Emo Boy

Doesn’t your heart just melt sometimes when you see these drop dead hot emo boys? Get a $1 Trail at Exposed Emos Here if you wan’t to see more cute emo boys.

big-dick-emo 0

A Big Dicked Emo Boy

Another treat? Why not!!! Check this hot emo boy out! Big dick and cute as hell. A nice treat for a Tuesday night huh? Before the parties on Wednesday (Rock Night Where I Live)...


The First Time We Met Sean Taylor

Now this is weird posting this. The day this shoot was done was the first time I ever personally met Sean, or as many of you now know as Ryan. My how he has...


HomoEmo Model Sean Taylor

So posting about Sean Taylor is kind of weird, but it has to be done. Weird why you ask? Well he is sitting next to me right now on his work computer. Yes, Sean...


Cute Emo Boy #3

Found this cutie today. Check out that bridge piercing, really suits him huh? Another cute emo for ya!

homo emo model tantrum desire 0

New Model Tantrum Desire @ HomoEmo

One of our newest models at HomoEmo, let me introduce Tantrum Desire. I did mention him in my previous blog entry about tattoos so here he is! He is 20 years old and is...