HomoEmo Model Andrew Dexter

Andrew Dexter. Well what can I say about lovely little Andrew? He came to us a very long time ago when HomoEmo was still in its early days and since then he has grown into one of the most popular and long standing models we have at HomoEmo. In real life he is quite shy and reserved, but in the bedroom he is a totally different animal. Being the real definition of a “bottom boy” Andrew loves to get his brains fucked out on or off camera. From what he has said he has never actually topped in sex, but has been shafted by big emo cocks more times than he could count. Everyone loved Andrew Dexter!

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Homo Emo Model Alex Phoenix
Homo Emo Model Alex Phoenix

Homo Emo Model Alex Phoenix

Alex, a born and bread scouser (for people outside of the UK that means he is from the English city of Liverpool) was a guy we recruiting while out clubbing one night at The Krazy House, which is in fact my favorite venue in the whole WORLD. A club of rock / metal / alternative everything. 3 floors of madness full of thousands of like minded alternative people from emo to goth, punk, metal heads, you name it. As soon as he met the crew he was amazing to meet us being a big HomoEmo fan. That week, he turned up at the studio and did his first HomoEmo scene, which is in fact the scene the photos above are from. He might not be the thinnest model we have ever had, but it would be insane to say he isn’t totally sexy with his tattoos and piercings, amazing emo hair and lovely uncut dick. He is sure to be back on HomoEmo one day soon and I don’t think I am alone in saying I really look forward to that day!

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Homo Emo's Deano Star Wanks Off
Homo Emo's Deano Star Wanks Off

Gay Emo Boy Deano Star

Another awesome shoot from the archives. Deano Star’s debut solo shoot at HomoEmo was a big event for us at the time. As a new site getting a name like Deano was awesome as he had already done shoots for the likes of EuroCreme and others!

Watch a preview of it Deano’s video by clicking here

Here is the shoot description from HomoEmo:
Deano’s shoot was either going to be hit or miss, as he came across as a very shy guy. All I can say is it was really a hit. Deano knows exactly how to turn people on! Most of this shoot was all deano’s idea so we just went along with it! He truly made this shoot his own and it came out great. Watch him playing with his perfect dick harder and faster until he finally blows a full load all over himself (and most of the pillows).

So I often ask myself why the fuck are emo guys so damn cute? Are they not just normal guys with longer hair, different dress codes, piercings, tattoos? I guess I personally still can’t work it out. Maybe I need help from you readers to figure our just what it is!

cute emo in his underwear

emo boy in underwear

What I often ask myself is “Does That Emo Boy Look Like A Girl?” in a totally none offensive way of course. As a gay man I worry slightly that being attracted to somebody who may look like a girl could be a bit weird, that’s if they do? Either way it’s hard to tell what actually makes emo boys so hot, generally. Yes sure there are some that should really get a hair cut, put on some normal clothes and fuck off, especially the chav types who have no idea about what emo actually is, or anything alternative for that matter. I guess overall its a dead argument. I know for a fact that many gay males love the emo and alternative looks, i mean heck look at the sucess HomoEmo has been! I would love to hear some opinions from you readers on what you think makes emo boys so hot. Just hit my contact page or leave a comment. All good reasons il publish in a later blog entry!

Let’s try to define what really makes emo boys attractive, and what doesn’t. Maybe this way we can find the worlds “finest emo” or something, lol!