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HomoEmo : Andrew Dexter

Andrew Dexter. Well what can I say about lovely little Andrew? He came to us a very long time ago when HomoEmo was still in its early days and since then he has grown...

Homo Emo Model Alex Phoenix 0

HomoEmo Model Alex Phoenix

Alex, a born and bread scouser (for people outside of the UK that means he is from the English city of Liverpool) was a guy we recruiting while out clubbing one night at The...

boy wanking over porn 1

Boy Jerking Over Porn

Emo boys love jerking off over porn to it seems, and what a cutie! Want to see more? Get your ass over to RockerBoyfriends for more hot amateur emo boys making hot porn at...

big dick emo twink 0

Big dick emo twink

Am I the only one thinking how awesome it would be to sit on that thick hot emo boy dick? You can see more of him at RockerBoyfriends.

big dick emo twink 2

Naked Emo Boy In The Bathroom

Another hot emo boy being very naughty in his bathroom! You know where you can see more of this emo boy and his fat dick right? Just go to RockerBoyfriends

Sean Taylor Exposed Emos 0

Sean Taylors Exposed Emos Video

The legendary Sean Taylor, one of HomoEmo’s most famous and amazingly sexy emo boy models went and did a seriously hot amateur video for Exposed Emos. Click Here To Watch It

Andrew Dexter At Exposed Emos 0

Andrew Dexter Jerks At Exposed Emos

Nothing hotter than seeing one of our longest standing and hottest HomoEmo models at home in his bedroom doing the naughty! Well that’s what we have here. Andrew sent us in a video for...

Homo Emo's Deano Star Wanks Off 0

HomoEmo’s very own Deano Star

Another awesome shoot from the archives. Deano Star’s debut solo shoot at HomoEmo was a big event for us at the time. As a new site getting a name like Deano was awesome as...


Why are emo boys so cute?

So I often ask myself why the fuck are emo guys so damn cute? Are they not just normal guys with longer hair, different dress codes, piercings, tattoos? I guess I personally still can’t...